Indoor Winter House Cleaning & Organizing

The short daylight hours and the cold temperatures and deter the hardiest of us, so why not take the opportunity to tackle the indoor jobs we all put off!

Kitchen Cabinets: This is a good opportunity to give your kitchen cupboards a thorough clean to remove any grease and grime. One handy tip is to spray on a little orange oil cleaner to break down the grease, then wipe the cabinets clean with a wet sponge that’s been microwaved for approximately 40 seconds. Please be aware this will be hot! The combination of citrus oil and hot water will easily cut through any grease on the cupboard door fronts and tops.
Oven and hob: This citrus-based cleaner is a great non-chemical alternative for cleaning your oven using the hot sponge method. For any tricky stains, apply a small amount of baking soda and scrub. An alternative option is to liberally apply baking soda to the base of the oven, spritz with water, let it sit overnight, then scrub it clean.
Extractor Hoods: The accumulation of grease on the extractors hoods can reduce their efficiency and shorten the life of the fan. Using the citrus base cleaner and the hot sponge method to clean the outer and inner surfaces of  the extractor hood. Replace the filter on a regular basis.
Cupboards: For when you’re feeling organised remove everything from the cupboard and thoroughly clean the floors and woodwork. Whilst empty assess if the space could benefit from new shelving, hanging rails or drawers, to increase your storage space dramatically.
Bathroom Drains: Nothing ruins a good shower like standing in your own water! To clean bath and sink wastes remove any hair or other clogs. Follow this by pouring a little bleach down the drain, allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes, then flush it with water to kill any mold or mildew lurking in the pipe.

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